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Located in Central Florida on the Space Coast. In 2022 we decided to build our cattery. We have many years of experience breeding various animals, including goats, dogs, horses and cats.

We breed Savannah Cats. All of our cats come with certified health certificates, vet exams, shot records and TICA registered. We are dedicated to preserving and maintaining healthy bloodlines in this breed.


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Space Coast Savannah Cats is a small cattery located in the area of Florida that has the perfect amount of sun, sea, and space exploration: The Space Coast. Our cattery specializes in breeding the beautifully exotic Savannah kittens. We strive for beautiful healthy kittens that follow the breed standards in appearance. Our kittens have beautifully spotted coats, long legs, and delightfully large ears.

The appearance of our kittens isn't the only thing we pride ourselves on.  We are dedicated to breeding healthy and well socialized cats as well.  Many hours are spent with our cats and kittens in preparation for them to join their new family setting. We socialize all of our cats/kittens with dogs, children, and infants. This makes adjusting to new families easier on all parties.

With the amount of backyard breeders growing we pride ourselves at ensuring our kittens are of sound health. All of our cats/kittens are seen by our vet regularly. Our breeding cats have been genetically tested and are health certified. Kittens will come with health certificates, vet exams, shot records and TICA registered. We anticipate that your new family member will be here for many years to come.


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Frequently asked Questions

-Do Savannah cats make good pets?

Yes! These cats are unlike any other breed. They love to socialize and become bonded with their family.

-Do Savannah cats get along with other animals?

Yes! Our cats are intermingled together quite regularly. On top of that they are also socialized with all sizes of dogs starting at a young age.

-How are Savannah cats with children?

This is an active breed of cat, but they do wonderful with children. Our cats are socialized with kids and infants. Even though these cats are well versed with kids, like every other animal, any interactions with cats should be monitored by a responsible person.


-Do you ship cats?

Yes, we do offer shipping. The buyer will be responsible to cover the cost of the shipping.  A brief inspection of the kitten's new home will be necessary before the kitten and the documentation are handed over.

Frequently Asked Questions


Comments (3)

5 days ago

My son met Apollo last December and told me the cat was for him. Apollo was just 6 months old. Now he is double in size and about 10.8 lbs. Apollo is calm and well behave. Like any kitty, he likes to play but does not understand he is a big kitty. I have another female Savannah from a different breeder. Not sure what they did to her but after 3 years she still traumatized with human interaction. Apollo is the opposite, calm matters and playful. Space Coast Savannah Cats did a good job with Apollo and we could not be happier. Thank you.


04 лип.

We love our baby boy, Luka (previously Ponce) from Space Coast Savannah Cats. He is a beautifully bred F6 Savannah. He is great with our kids 6-4 years of age and with our other pets. He is such a sweet and loving cat with a great fun personality. Space Coast Savannah is a wonderful family owned business and it’s obvious the love and care they put into their cats. We are happy to be part of their cat family and would definitely recommend for anyone looking to add an exotic cat to their home!


Brooke Owens
Brooke Owens
26 трав.

I had a wonderful experience with Space Coast Savannahs. I was specifically looking for a high quality SBT silver male. Space coast Savannahs was very professional and had the perfect kitten for me. They provided update photos and videos weekly until he was old enough to come home.  I’ve had him for 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. He is a healthy boy and as sweet as can be.   




We are located in Central Florida on the Space Coast in Palm Bay, Florida

Tel:  319-241-6813


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